Dark Energy and Dark Matter are the biggest challenge to physics and cosmologists today.

95% of the energy of the universe is a complete mystery.



A wanna be scientist. Always wanted to be a scientist from 7 years old. In fact I did get a BsC hons degree in Chemistry from Glasgow University in 1972. I went to uni to do maths as that was my best subject at school, but gave up after 2 years when we got to ‘imaginary numbers’. I like things to be real. Gave up physics too after 2 years. It was boring then. If we had been studying black holes it might have been different. So I did chemistry, but physical chemistry, my paper on the photo-degradation of poly methyl methacrylate is gathering dust somewhere but I like to think that the world sees more clearly as a result.

I never intended to write this stuff on cosmology although I did write to Brian Cox and Steven Hawking years ago about the cyclical nature of the universe. I hadn’t heard about Dark Energy then. It was only when I got a proper smart phone a couple of years ago that I got plugged into YouTube with the help of Google’s algorithms.

One day I saw a video on Dark Energy produced by PBS Spacetime. There was Matt O'Dowd talking about a mysterious influence that physicists have come to call Dark Energy.

I didn’t even know that the universe was expanding.

What really caught my attention was that pie chart. 95% of the energy of the universe was a complete mystery. Surely not. I must have misunderstood. Soon it was clear - they all said -

"We have no idea what Dark Energy is. Your guess is as good as mine".

But to me it was obvious. Every day I expected to find a simple reason why I was wrong. Instead I kept finding stuff that supported my idea and even some ways in which it could be tested. The more I researched, the simpler it became, and even more things fell into place.

Only one basic assumption and so much was simplified.

Dark Energy

The expansion of the universe

Entropy of the early universe

The Big Bang

And without the need to devise new particles, mysterious new forces or imaginary mathematics.

I don’t expect anyone to agree with me. Too many theorists with big reputations and funding grants at risk for that to happen. What I do want is that the people who do the hard graft with telescopes and computer analysis are at least aware of the possibility that there could be a big cosmos out there beyond our observable universe.

If I am right and Dark Energy is the gravitational pull from that cosmos then so much will be simplified. It is possible that we already have the data to confirm it. Somebody may have looked at their data and said ‘that’s funny’ but ignored it as equipment error. There may be a ‘petri dish full of green stuff’ in a drawer which needs a second look.

Who would not want to be the first person to observe an event from beyond our universe and before time began.

I need a cosmological Magellan to probe beyond our understanding of the universe and confirm my belief that the universe has always been much bigger than we thought.



Some of the people who have informed me

Links to their websites or YouTube videos are shown below.
All this wild speculation is mine. Please do not taint them with it.
I have tried to show credits when I have used their work if I have missed some out, sorry.
Its just me on my phone and a very old pc.


Matt O'Dowd

PBS Spacetime

Fraser Cain

Universe Today

Molly and Kaiser

Walking these 2 in the Spanish sun is the best time for creative thinking.

I do recommend that you check out these web sites.
Thanks to you all, Lindsay


Once you see our universe in the context of the larger cosmos, so many things just fall into place.

It's not just Dark Energy, but many of the "fundamental gaps in our understanding of cosmology" Buchalter Cosmology Prize 2019.



I am not going to summarize all the evidence for dark energy and dark matter.

PBS SpaceTime, Fraser Cairns and many others have done this much better than I can.

They all say the same thing:-

Science has no idea what dark matter is or what causes dark energy.

So what is dark energy?


The force which is accelerating our galaxies to and beyond our observable universe is gravity.

It is the gravitational pull from matter beyond the observable universe.

Good news for Einstein

We don't need to modify gravity and general relativity is correct. No need for complicated theories about vacuum energy.

Think outside of the box

The conceptual leap is to accept that our universe is not the only show in town. (Please note that I am not talking about multiverses.) I think that it is generally accepted that there is probably more out there than just the bit we can see in our observable universe. The problem for science is that it needs to prove it.

Before we look at the observables we should remember the lessons of History. The universe has always been bigger than we thought, much much bigger. Just because we cannot see it doesn't mean it's not there. In fact to assume that there is nothing out there at all is the least likely of all the possible options.

I totally understand that a theory which cannot be tested is just speculation.

I'm going to offer 3 observables which can be used to confirm my theory.


  1. The rate of expansion under the influence of a gravitational field will not be constant but is exponential. At a great distance the rate of change will be difficult to measure but hopefully the James Webb Telescope may provide better data at greater distances.

  2. This gravitational field will be red shifting the light coming towards us. Methods using parallax and red shift will provide different distances to stars and galaxies. It's gravity, not cosmological expansion.

  3. Gravitational waves. This is the most exciting of the 3. In order to produce this cosmic gravity there has to be an awful lot of stuff out of there. All that stuff will be producing massive gravitational waves capable of reaching into our observable universe. Quasar detection methods are the most likely of those available now to detect the gravitational waves produced by massive binaries out there in the cosmos.

The explanation for dark energy is quite straightforward but the implications are really exciting.

All this stuff could not have come from our big bang. It has to predate the big bang.

The light show which we see as our universe is only a tiny part of the cosmos in both space and time.

It is mind-blowing.

There will have been time for these gravitational waves to cross the cosmos and reach our observable universe. It will be possible to detect events which happened beyond our universe and before “atomic time began” with the big bang.



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